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Monday, July 29, 2013

Turning a dream into a reality.. and the emotional roller coaster we're on to get there

This year has been a crazy year for my family. When the summer began, I resigned my position as a Director of a child care facility to stay home with my children. The decision to leave my job was a tough one, involving a lot of prayer and deep discussion with those who I am close to. Turns out God was pointing me in the right direction as we have made another (well, TWO, actually) huge decision for our family.

We bought a restaurant. 
....and a house on 8 acres... In the country.
Let's make things even more interesting and throw in a donkey and a horse...and...wait for it...a PREGNANT horse. We've never owned a horse before...or a donkey. In fact, the largest animal we own is my beloved and incredibly overweight yellow lab. I can't even tell you the difference between a donkey, a mule, a jackal. I'm willing to learn though.

Insane, right? I mean who in the world buys into a franchise in the country and who in the WORLD wants to raise their children in the sticks? Just call us, Hillbilly Jon & his doting wife Sara. :) 

You's always been my husbands dream to own his own business. So..when an opportunity comes along..who are we to pass it up? Who are we to argue with Gods plan for us? In church just this past Sunday the pastor reminded me that as a wife my job is to respect & support my husband. Jon's dream is to own his own business.. MY dream is to see our family happy and successful. Kind of lucked out with a two-fer here. 

We've had people say it's 'CRAZY'. How on earth are you going to raise three children in the country? We've had people remind us of the amount of stress we're going to be under. We've had people say it just won't work. We quietly remind people if we don't try...we'll never know. I told a dear friend of mine the other day: maybe I should give them my shoes so they can tell me how & where to walk my mile. On the flip side, we've had those who support us %110. Those who believe in where we are going and have offered to help in every way possibly. We're so grateful to everyone who has offered their opinions. The Negative Nancy's only drive us to work harder and the Positive Penelope's give us the comfort we need in times of doubt. 

Decision made? Check!
Paperwork signed? Check!
Pack our stuff/start the kids in school/start work/deliver a horse?? Ehhhhhh... that's laying in front of us now.
I can't wait to share this experience with you.. and to see how the rest of our lives play out.


  1. Congratulations and it will be a piece of cake. A donkey is a breed of its own, a mule is a hybrid mix of horse and donkey, and well, horses tend to deliver pretty well on their own.....and dang if I am ever back in Georgia I know where to get a job as a cook and pitch my tent in a field! Love you guys!

  2. Lol!! That helps!!! Love you and can't wait to see y'all again!

  3. Im so proud of you!!! And I look forward to mybdays in the country with you. And oh brandon is picking out names for his pig... hope your ready for that. :)

  4. Sweet!! I am Happy for you Sara!!! Good luck to you and your sweet girls and your husband!! and I miss ya!!